Workshop on Creative Learning

IIS (Deemed to be University) Jaipur
Department of Fashion & Textiles
Activity on Creative learning 

Date: 5th March 2019
Activity: Workshop (Creative learning)
Venue: Clothing Lab
Teacher coordinator: Dr. Vipin Kumari

A guild activity on “creativelearning” was conducted for the B.Sc. Fashion Design II and VI semester and MFT II Semester students, by the resource person Dr. Reena Bhatia, Head, Academy of Fashion & Art on 5th March 2019.
The welcome speech was delivered by Ms. Upasana of B.Sc. Fashion Design. The activity started with an interactive session with the students by resource person. The resource person interacted with the students and guided them in creating fashion figures by using waste clothes, fabrics, papers and miscellaneous material. It was a hands-on workshop that gave full freedom to the learners to explore and develop. During the process, many aspects of design process were discussed like conceptualizing, executing and ornamenting. Students were quick to pick-up ideas and came up with brilliant versions of fashion figures using papers ,fabrics and miscellaneous.

The resource person even helped the students in practically creating fashion figures during her activity. Students also showed great interest in this activity. It was a great treat and delight for the students as they were able to explore their creativity and imagination beyond the technical skills and theoretical knowledge. It was an interactive and vibrant session where the students were given an opportunity to clarify doubts regarding their career and this is not only helped the students to explore and enhance their creativity but also chisel their brains and work in a productive way.  Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Pooja Kotwala of Fashion Design II Semester.