Three Es in Academics


Three Es in Academics: Efficiency, Excellence and Effectiveness

The one area that is distinctive to the priority and thrust at IISU is the development of educational practices which empower the students, liberate the mind, cultivate intellectual and critical judgement, and foster ethical and social responsibility. The focus here is not on just preparing an educated work force but also an informed citizenry which is the basic premises for nation building. These practices go beyond the market-driven mobility experience and include the entire range of competencies underpinned by a global outlook. To achieve this end, the University has adopted a ‘values-based’ curriculum which is in line with its vision, mission and goals and engages the students on multiple levels. The teaching learning experiences emanating from this curriculum foster in our learners: a) a belief that they can make a difference in the world, b) civic commitment and global consciousness, c) development of compassion and understanding of their obligation towards all humanity, d) appreciation and respect for other cultures, religions and social ethos, and e) ability to live and work successfully in a global society and e) Leadership with social responsibility


While focusing on its commitment to advancing knowledge, cultivating critical thinking and developing the individual, the university has evolved the following practices and institutional ethos:

  • A rich tapestry of programmes and courses ranging from traditional to professional and vocational which not only provide subject specific knowledge and skills but also generic competencies like problem solving, analytical abilities, communication and interpersonal skills
  • An outcome-based curriculum built on the student centric learning model
  • Introduction of research component in UG and PG courses to enable students to develop a scientific temperament
  • Emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and learning through inclusion of a variety of Career Oriented and Skill Development Courses and Foundation Courses
  • Introduction of employability enhancing unique courses like B.Com (H) in Applied Accounting and Finance accredited by ACCA, UK
  • State of the art Laboratories equipped with modern equipment to promote research and foster creativity
  • Inclusion of latest softwares like EViews, MathLab, SPSS, WIEN2K, Quantum Espresso, Gaussian 16, IBM DB2, Micrografx Flow Charter, Optitex, Wolfram Mathematica and Coral Draw in the course curriculum to familiarize them with the modern tools of learning and also to provide a hands on experience
  • Promotion of collaborative research projects and publications to enhance implementation of innovative ideas
  • Sanction of Research Projects to faculty members and student and provide seed money for the same.
  • Regular assessment of curriculum and disciplinary knowledge bases for expansion of their frontiers exponentially in order to accommodate the latest developments and issues, both at local and global levels
  • Involvement of stakeholders – parents, community, employers and alumnae in curricula development, its revision and other activities on campus, by way of feedback and participation in different activities
  • Incorporation of practicals, student projects, seminars, internships in the curriculum to give hands on experience to students so that they learn to apply their knowledge to real-world problems using the concept ‘Study, Plan and Execute’ and become better thinkers and more responsible citizens.
  • Based on the institutional ethos of equity, access, capacity and humanism, an inclusive platform is provided to students from diverse backgrounds to enhance their strength and capabilities and ensure equal opportunities for them
  • Use of diversity on campus as an intellectual and educational force to not only inculcate the spirit of National Integration but also to harness the potential for multiple perspectives and experiences to seep into the daily interchanges within and beyond the classrooms)
  • Dynamic and engaged pedagogy which removes students from their comfort zones and ensures their participation, sustained interest and accelerated learning
  • Encouraging beyond classroom learning through workshops, seminars, conferences and guest lectures for a wider academic experience
  • Rich campus life with different societies and guilds to a) unclip their wings of creativity, interest and potentials and b) to sensitize them and initiate dialogues on civic and global issues like peace and human rights, intercultural understanding, moral education, respect for plurality, tolerance and inclusiveness
  • Establishment of IISU incubation Centre to mentor students starting a business venture and also the ones studying Entrepreneurship
  • Integration of extracurricular activities in the curriculum to ensure maximum student participation for character building, promotion of physical and mental wellbeing, enhancing ability for teamwork, promoting interpersonal skills, engaging students in outreach activities and community based programmes, inculcating patriotic fervour and pride in the nation, developing an appreciation for other cultures, languages and religion through interaction with people and students from different parts of the country and abroad
  • Online conduction of classes and exams in the wake of COVID 19
  • A free and fair evaluation pattern with formative and summative assessment systems
  • Well set pattern for conduction of research
  • Creating environment consciousness in the staff and students through sensitization drives, active participation in government programmes and green campus initiatives of 3Rs- reduce, recycle, reuse
  • Visits by numerous eminent personalities from different spheres of life to share their vast knowledge not just to motivate but also provide global exposure to students

The educational philosophy at the university takes into account the need to provide students with the ability to conduct intercultural dialogue, to consider an issue from various points of view, to develop a democratic culture, and to hone their linguistic skills and other competences to compete at the global level. In a nutshell, the institute has been giving a focused attention, with successful results, on development of the students in the round by helping them to develop a sense of belonging to a wider community in order to understand and appreciate the common humanity and draws on the interconnectedness between peoples as well as between the local and the global. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had wisely said that “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” This is the main thrust of education we strive to give at IISU.