Seminar on Sustainable Fashion: Creating Global Vision 2017

Start Date: 
Friday, September 15, 2017
Start Time: 
(All day)
The IIS University

Seminar on Sustainable Fashion: Creating Global Vision


June 09, 2017



The Department of Fashion & Textiles of The IIS University is organizing a National seminar on “SUSTAINABLE FASHION: Creating Global Vision” to be held on 15-16 September 2016. Interested faculty members and students may collect the registration form from the University Reception; and submit the duly filled in form along with registration fee to Mr. Roshan.



Students/ Research Scholars                                        Rs. 800/-

Faculty Members                                                        Rs. 1000/-

The last date for registration & submission of abstract is 7th August 2017.


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Sustainable fashion, commonly referred to as eco-fashion is a part of the growing design philosophy. The goal of sustainability is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of impact on the environment & social responsibility. Sustainable fashion incorporates fair trade principles with sweat shop free labor conditions that do not harm the environment, by using biodegradable and organic fabrics designed for longer use, which have been produced in an ethical production system. Sustainable fashion promotes utilization of recycled materials and biodegradable fibers which represents an approach that takes an active role in poverty reduction, sustainable livelihood creation, minimizing and counteracting environmental concerns.   

In addition, the fashion and textile industries use extensive amounts of water, energy, chemicals and raw materials throughout the supply chain, all of which places heavy demands on Earth’s natural resources. However, the fashion industry’s negative environmental impacts don’t stop the moment the clothes are tastefully hung in the retail store, purchased and then packed off. Instead the negative impacts continues during the consumer-use phase as the consumer dry cleans or washes, dries and irons their clothes and then discards the clothes, often into landfill instead of re-using, recycling or refashioning.

The seminar will focus on a holistic perspective taking into account not only how fashion is produced, but also how it is consumed.


The Indian Fashion Industry is growing at an appreciable rate and is in great need of qualified professional graduates and technologists to transform the industry into an organized sector with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and new product development.

With this conceptual framework, the objectives of the seminar are as follows:

  • To build a platform that brings together experts and industry practitioners along the apparel and textile supply chain, providing an open and neutral ground to discuss burning issues, latest innovations, challenges and best practices on developing sustainable fashion production. Environment, social aspects will be equally addressed as a holistic approach.
  • To expose the participants to the concept of sustainability and how it is helpful to the environment of the country.
  • To discuss the implementation of the various aspects of sustainable fashion in global scenario.
  • To expand and enhance public engagement in and understanding of fashion & sustainability.


  • Eco Friendly Textiles
  • Textile & Apparel Waste
  • Ethical & Fair trade Practices
  • Sustainable  Luxury Fashion
  • Emerging Design Strategies
  • Sustainable Product Design
  • Green Couture
  • Rethinking Textile
  • Sustainability: The future fashion