National Conference on Global Approaches in Nutrition,Inclusive education and Textile Science

Start Date: 
Friday, February 2, 2018
Start Time: 
(All day)
Vinayak Hall

Home Science emerged as a branch of education when women were not encouraged to pursue higher education. The changing trends in the country towards the growing concerns for optimal health, human development and sustainable textile manufacturing, have led to a need for wider discourse. India, at present, is undergoing a rapid nutritional and health transition, with the target being on improved nutrition to ensure proper growth and development. Thus, the main focus and challenge in field of nutrition is to have a healthy and productive life with the delayed onset of life style diseases like cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Tied in with these concerns is the need to highlight and explore the global movement towards inclusive education and exchange the latest development in the policies and
programmes for children with special needs. Towards a resolution of both these issues, we need to review our efforts and strengthen our infrastructural facilities to uproot the age-old problem of nutrition to ensure a better future. Alongside these concerns is the discourse regarding advancements and changes in apparel and textile manufacturing. This includes not just technological advancements in the field, but also its economic, social, environmental and marketing impact. Awareness towards proper marketing channels is an essential component for this industry to cater to world. It is imperative to focus on such problems and find appropriate solution to existing problem. For recasting a global approach, targeting mainly three fields in Home Science i.e. nutrition, Human Development and textile science, as well as, their interface in a sustainable manner, is a serious challenge. Hence, the Department of Home Science has come up with a two day national conference on 'Global Approaches in Nutrition, Inclusive Education
and Textile Science', where it will provide a platform for discussions and deliberations on the related issues. The conference will offer an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and academicians to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Nutrition, Inclusive Education and Textile Science.


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