Literary & Debating Society (Guild) Report 2016-17

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Poetry Slam   

28 March 2017

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words and as an initiative to encourage students to participate in the slam culture, an activity focussing on creative expression (Poetry Slam) was organized for those with a poetic streak  in them. The participants were acquainted with the rules and ways of a Poetry Slam. An active participation of more than thirty students was seen as they recited poetry in different languages such as English, Hindi and Urdu. Along with the students, teachers also recited self- composed poetry. The event ended with all the participants enjoying a melodious performance by two of the senior students, Shriya Jain and Harshita Tewani.                                    

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Group Discussion                  


18 March 2017

A group discussion was organized on the topic "Cinema Censorship: Distortion of Reality vis-a-vis Creative Liberty”. The discussion saw students from different disciplines come together to talk about various aspects of censorship in cinema. Students emphasised upon how censorship deforms the true vision of directors and screenwriters, without always making sense. The highly-controversial movie Lipstick Under My Burqa was one of the major highlights of the discussion. Students observed how it is usual for vulgar and nonsensical movies to be passed with an "A” Certificate by the Censor Board but Lipstick... created an unnecessary buzz. Apart from this, period films too were much debated upon during the discussion. Some students were of the view that cinema that manipulates history should also be censored while others thought that pleasing the masses is a difficult task for which certain changes should not hurt anyone's sentiments. In sum, the discussion ended with a perspective that censorship does distort reality and which is why parallel cinema does not enjoy that much viewership as the mainstream industry. Also, the group agreed upon the fact that creativity should not be hindered by any sort of external, arbitrary forces.



Group Discussion 

3 Feb. 2017

A Group Discussion for readers belonging to different disciplines was organized on the topic “Woman as an Undignified Gender in Mythology”. The activity attracted a good number of students and encouraged an active involvement and contribution from faculty members as well. Women characters from Indian and Greek mythology were discussed with reference to mythical women vis-a-vis contemporary issues. Characters such as Sita, Drapuadi, Ahalya, Shikhandi, Medusa, to name a few, were discussed from a modern perspective, giving new insights into each of those well-known characters from Indian and Greek myths and legends.               



Selection Debate for IV All India IISU English Debate

17 Jan. 2017

An English Debate towards selection of the University team, to participate in the IV All India IISU English Debate was held on the topic “Women make for better leaders than men”. All participants displayed excellent debating skills and the panel of judges (viz. Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan and Dr. Deepika Singh) selected the winners which included the Best Speakers (For and Against the Motion).

For the Motion-

I    Bhavana Bahuguna (B.A. Hons. Sem. 4)

II   Kanwal Shergill (B.A. Hons. Sem. 6)  & Apeksha Tickoo (BJMC Sem. 6)

Against the Motion:-

I   Ashi Goyal  (B.Com. Hons. Sem. 2)                                                                                                         

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