Interaction with prof. Ankur Saxena

Interaction with Prof. Ankur Saxena


Topic: Social Work Intervention in Various Settings with special reference to Women’s Welfare

Resource Person: Professor Ankur Saxena,M.S. University,Vadodra

Target participants: U.G. & P.G. students

Date: 7th March, 2020

Organized by:Centre for Women’s Studies, Women’s Cell and Department of Sociology

Advancement of any general public or state is decided by the position held by women in that society. Gender equality must be recognized by every society in order to progress .Indian society has achieved a lot in this regard but a lot needs to be done to make things better for women who have been at disadvantage for centuries.

Professor Saxena, discussed about various aspects of Social work interventions related to women welfare. Women are as yet fail to change the position that makes them much powerless against misuse and less ready to spare themselves from separation and viciousness. He shared few of his field experiences with students, with this piece of information he stated “relating theory with practical”, is necessary in the field of social work. He talked about how people are suffering from mental illness and the interventions to deal with mental crisis.

He ended the session with the necessity of studying social work is increasing in our day today life. The overall session was informative, and it ended with a question-answer round.Shipra Goyal,student of Master of Social Work delivered vote of thanks. The session helped the students to gain knowledge regarding social work interventions which will be helpful for them to make more people aware.