Interaction with Dr. Priyamvada Singh

Interaction with Dr. Priyamvada Singh


Topic: Social Equality: A Challenge for Women in Society

Resource Person: Dr. Priyamvada Singh, Social Activist, Policy Advisor, IPE Global and Founder, BalSansar

Target Participants: U.G. & P.G. Students

Venue: AV Studio Hall

Date: 12 March, 2020

Organized by :Centre for Women’s Studies, Women’s Cell, NSS


On the occasion of International Women's day 2020, Dr. Priyamvada Singh spoke on ‘Equality for Women’ as she has started a campaign called ‘Each for Equality’ which tries to cover the issues of women across generations. Dr. Priyamvada commenced the session by talking about her journey in the field of social service and what factors motivated her to work for people. She spoke about various challenges faced by women in the society irrespective of their backgrounds and how they put other before themselves.


She discussed importance of education for women and the need for the women to improve upon their levels of nutrition .The problems should be addressed from the very beginning as individuals are taught to discriminate themselves and others specially on the basis of gender and this results in a society that starts taking women for second class citizens. As not just in rural areas but even in urban and semi urban areas women suffer from anemia and other diseases because of lack of proper health and nutrition which led to increase in infant mortality rate and birth of weak infants. She said that if the society wants to ensure safety for women; instead of restricting girls,boys should be taught make how to behave.


She also said if we want to invest in a woman, we should, do it since her childhood. A woman should have access to all life chances, social prestige and security to become a productive individual in the society. The session was followed by discussion and students asked their queries.In the end vote of thanks was given by Professor Sharad Rathore, Programme officer NSS.