Focused Group Interview

Focused Group Interview


Activity: Field Visit(Focused Group Interview)

Target Participants: U.G. & P.G. Students

Venue: GanwarBrahmana Village,Sanganer Tehsil

Date:2nd March, 2020

Organized by:Centre for Women’s Studies, Women’s Cell and Department of Sociology

Women's Cell, Centre for Women’s Studies and Department of Sociology, IIS (deemed to be University) organized the field visit to   GanwarBrahmana village in Sanganer Tehsil on 2nd March 2020. Dr. Pragya Sharma and Dr. Preeti Agrawat escorted the students. Focused group interview was conducted with women and young girls of the village.  Women discussed about various problems which many times they can’t be able to discuss when general interview is conducted. Women opened up with problems related to menstrual hygiene, pregnancy, other health issues and child rearing.  They even discussed about the problems existing in village regarding their political participation, working in MNAREGA, drainage and sanitation system of village, unavailability of proper health facilities in village, dissatisfaction regarding the working of Sarpanch and transportation facilities. Students also interacted with the school and college going girls to know about the education opportunities and awareness regarding hygiene. Women were very interactive and responded properly. They shared their experiences. Students tried to make them aware about the women's rights, hygiene and various government policies.