Disability Sensitization Programme

Report : Disability  Sensitization Programme

A Disability Sensitization Programme was organized by The Equal Opportunity Cell, The IIS University, Jaipur on 23 August, 2016 in order to sensitize the students towards the needs of special students. The resource persons were Dr. Suhana Sogani, Head Rehabilitation Centre, Umang, Jaipur. She was assisted by the physiotherapists from Umang, Dr. Gaurav and Dr. Tripti.

Dr. Sogani discussed the problems faced by special students. She stated that they need empathy and not sympathy. The special children have their unique complaints and expectations. They require rehabilitation by a team of doctors, psychologists, social workers, family and friends. The students were given hands on experience of disability. They were made to sit on wheel chairs, blindfolded and splints were tied to their legs. They were assisted by volunteers and made to visit the library, sports room and class rooms.

The students were also asked to develop in depth insight about the problem and also to adopt the special students as their friends.

 This program helped students to understand that they should not sympathize with the people who are disabled but they need to spend time with them and treat them as equal.