Date: 2-10-2018




This is for the information of all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Semesters I, III, V, and VII that the Examination Forms for the Semester End Examinations, NOVEMBER 2018, will be made available ONLINE on the Meta campus account of Regular & Due students. The procedure for filling the Examination Form is given below:

 1-               To access their Examination Form, students are required to login to their Meta Campus Account. In case they have not activated their Meta Campus Account, they are required to follow the following steps to activate it and fill in the Examination Form:

            i.            Open University website ( and click on “Resources For” Tab.

           ii.            Click on “Students” Link.

             iii.            Click on “Forgot Password”.

          iv.            Enter your Enrollment Number, Birth date and e-mail id where your Meta                                 campus Id and password will be sent immediately.

            v.            Again Click on “Students” link at “Resource for” Tab.

             vi.            Click on Login link

            vii.            Enter your ID and password sent to you at the mail id given by you.

2-                 After successful login, click on “Examination Form” Tab.  

 3-                 Students are required to check all details [personal, subject (elective, foundation, add-on) and activity] before submitting the form. In case of any omission / correction / query related to the above fields, they are required to contact Dr. Nisha Yadav, Controller of Examinations or Dr. Deepa Pareek, Deputy Controller of Examinations in the Examination Cell, with a print of the form.

4-       It is strongly suggested that the parents / guardians of the students should also check the forms thoroughly before submitting the same. It will be assumed that the forms have been submitted with the consent of the parents / guardians of the students.

5-       Once all the details given in the form are verified and found correct, students are required to check the ‘I Agree’ box and press ‘Continue’ button. The students will be directed to ‘Payment Notification’ Box.

for students not having due papers:

5 (a)   (i) Since the Examination fee for regular U.G. / P.G. Programmes has already been realized along with the admission fee, the total payble fee will be shown as ‘0’.

          (ii) Students are still required to press ‘PAY’ to continue.This will redirect them to their Examination Form will Submission Status ‘Sucessful’.

          (iii) A copy of the Form will also be sent to the student’s official e-mail id.

for students having due papers:

5 (b)   However, the total fee payable for due papers will be shown as follows:

            (i) Rs. 500/- per paper (considering C.A. & S.E. as separate papers) in UG Programmes.

          (ii) Rs. 600/- per paper (considering C.A. & S.E. as separate papers) in PG Programmes.

                        Students are required to calculate the total amount payable towards examination fee for Due Papers.

(iii) Students are required to press ‘PAY’ to continue.

(iv) Students will be redirected to the Payment Gateway for online payment of fee through Credit / Debit Cards. Once the students have made the payment, they should stay on the screen till, they are redirected to Meta campus which will display their ‘Submitted form’ and ‘Transaction Receipt’. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT PRESS ‘REFRESH’ OR ‘BACK’ BUTTON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IF THEY DO SO, THEIR STATUS OF FORM WILL REMAIN “NOT SUBMITTED” EVEN IF THE PAYMENT IS SUCCESSFUL AND THE MONEY WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THEIR ACCOUNT.

                        (v) In case the transaction is successful, students will view the status of their Form as ‘Submitted’ and the payment details on the screen. (A copy of the transaction details will also be sent to the student’s official e-mail id.)

6-      The students are required to submit the hard copy of Examination Form to their respective “Mentor Guardian” whose names have been mentioned below the forms. Students are required to note that submitting of hard copy of examination form to their Tutor Guardian is mandatory. Online submission of exam forms will not be considered valid. Subsequently they will not be permitted to take the exams.

7-      In case of problems related to payment, students may contact Mr.Mukesh Agarwal    at the college office.

8-   For problems/queries regarding activation of Meta Campus account, students may         contact the following staff members:



Dr. Amita Sharma

Ms. Geetika Vyas

Mr. K. K. Morwal

Lab A

Mr. Utsav Malpani

Ms. Neha Tiwari

Ms. Shveta Parnami

Lab B

Mr. Suresh Kumawat

Ms. Deepshika Bhatia

Ms. Priyanka Sogani

Lab D

Mr. Peeyush Pareek

Ms. Harshita Bhargava

Mr.Rajneesh Chaturvedi

Web Office (Ground Floor, Near Lab A)

9-    For submitting the hard Copy of the Forms to the Mentor Guardian, students are required to note the respective venue displayed on the notice Boards & University Website.

10-     The forms can be submitted to the Mentor Guardians on the following dates.




12.00  to 1.00 pm


12.00  to 1.00 pm


11-     The last date for submitting the Examination forms is October 14, 2018. After 14th October, the late fee for submission will be as follows:



Fee (in Rs.)


Late by 1 week

@ 200


Late by 2 weeks

@ 400


Later than 2 weeks

@ 500



Dr. Raakhi Gupta